Echo originates from the back of the cave.                                                                                                             Ersatz Lascaux in the Media!

Ersatz- (Cadbury’s) “ersatz egg”- Wired Magazine 4/11, Basket Case, pg. 40

Lascaux-“What about opportunities for storytellers? Beginning with the cave paintings of Lascaux…” -Liz Lemon, 30 Rock, 3/24/11

22 Responses to “Reverb”

  1. Rad Thie said

    I’m watching the depersonalized grandfather clock at the airport where the line between “On” and DNA shifts according to context.

  2. Rad Thie said

    “The ersatz brain cells juggled the pattern until those in the output layer replied in noise” (pg. 72 Richard Powers, Galatea 2.2)

    “The bottle had already ready become three-fourths empty; she shook it up, poured foamy instant ersatz orange juice into two jelly glass” (Philip K. Dick, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said)

    “He used a rock for his pencil”

  3. Paige White said

    A picture of the ersatz Statue of Liberty in front of ersatz New York, New York in Las Vegas was mistaken for the real Statue and used on a new stamp:

    “The stamp collector noticed the error when he spotted differences in the ersatz statue’s eyes and hair.” Slate, April 14, Statue of Liberty Stamp Mistakenly Features Las Vegas Knockoff

  4. Paul Thie said

    Marge: It will be like Reality TV without the TV
    Lisa: You mean reality

  5. Rad said

    The Barnes, Lascaux, Old Man of the Mountain. He was gone. Now he’s metal. He will be stone again. Charles Pierce describes the failed effort to keep a face stuck to a cliff: “They secured his forehead with turnbuckles. They applied epoxy to the cracks. Often, they swung perilously out over the cliff face to do this work. For years, a highway official named Niels Nielsen was the image’s official caretaker. When he died, his son, David, took over, and one of David’s first acts was to put his father’s ashes in the Old Man’s left eye.”

  6. Rad said

    “In a bathroom lit by a 25-watt bulb the blue/ genitals from a Bic fine-point look/ like cave paintings in Lascaux only less/ articulate” Rapture by Bob Hicok

    “Aboriginal people were making sophisticated art on the walls of their dwellings thirty thousand years before the people in Lascaux chewed the end of their first paint brush”
    People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

    “I was always fascinated by the Cave paintings at Lascaux…The bison get all the attention”
    Harry Crane, Mad Men

  7. Paul Thie said

    Ink is easier to come by than blood and tallow.

    … but the Cave still exists and so does the Fake Cave and the fake Fake Cave.

    Yes, Harry, it’s about the hands.

  8. Rad said

    “Barring a panel in which an ersatz Statue of Liberty is knocked over, the reader has no clue what’s happening spatially. It’s hard to be terrorized by black-and-white geometry blowing up”
    Cyriaque Lamar’s review of Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror, Batman!”

  9. Paul Thie said

    Black and white geometry blowing up
    Is terrifying squared

  10. M-----l said

    “From the get-go this would be an ersatz Byrds plying the lucrative nostalgia circuit where the presence of one or two original members in a name band was sufficient to draw in the baby boomers.”

    from John Einarson’s Mr. Tambourine Man: The Life and Legacy of the Byrds’ Gene Clark

  11. Paul Thie said

    …and the ersatz band plied on

  12. M-----l said

    “He stayed there for more than thirty-six hours on the trot, without sleeping or eating, with nothing to drink save some atrocious ersatz apricot juice, filling notepad after notepad with enigmatic messages like: “the presbytery has lost none of its charm nor the garden its splendour”, “the archdeacon is a past master at Japanese billiards”, or “all is well, Marchioness”, which cohorts of helmeted couriers came to fetch at five-minute intervals.”

    from Georges Perec’s Life a User’s Manual

  13. Paul Thie said

    atrocious ersatz apricot juice, Perec writes palindromes?

  14. M-----l said

    “I think things like ‘She’s So Square’ sound almost like ersatz Be Bop Deluxe, but not played as well, or as tight.”

    from Andy Partridge’s Complicated Game: Inside the Songs of XTC

    • Paul Thie said

      i like this & “i’d like that”

      • M-----l said

        I think I first heard that one over the sound system at the Tri-County Borders. I thought it was the best Paul McCartney song ever. Ersatz McCartney?

        (Also, I read four Philip K. Dick novels last month. There were at least ten ersatzes in there. I would’ve documented them, but I’d forgotten all about Reverb.)

  15. Paul Thie said

    it would be the best McCartney song ever. Can ersatz be better than the original?

  16. Matt said

    Where do I start? Where is your beginning and your progressive end?

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