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4 Responses to “Paintings”

  1. […] E. Z. Lascaux has added a dozen full-color paintings to his website.  He hid them up in one of the secret sections at the top of the site.  I think things up there tend to get overlooked unless you draw attention to them with a post.  […]

  2. Lurkertype said

    I really like this color work!

    • M-----l said

      One of the main things I think of when I think of Paul’s art is vibrant color. As a result, the black & white pages he’s been posting on the blog portion of this site have an un-Paul-like quality to them for me. (They actually remind me of his handmade b&w Christmas cards.) This is more what I’m used to right here.

  3. Paul Thie said

    Before I paint I draw to see what to paint. I think of the drawings as footnotes that are interesting and unnecessary.

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