parasite-proof potato pronoun

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  1. I googled “cheeseburger flavor Pringles” to see if that was really a thing, and to my not-astonishment, it was. Not that I remember what a cheeseburger tastes like. (Seriously, I haven’t eaten a burger in over 20 years.)

    But “play anything” is good advice

  2. Paul Thie said

    Pringles are a not-thing that are really a thing and accordingly are deserving of your full not-astonishment. Cheeseburger flavor not-notwithstanding they are engineered-foods engineering marvel.
    I tried a pickle flavored Pringle once.

    • The son of a friend went into chemistry in college, and eventually got a job with a company that specialized in manufacturing artificial flavors and scents. He’s supposedly responsible for the “fresh linen” scent you find in room deodorizers and fabric softeners. I (jokingly) asked him once if he could replicate the taste of sushi with wasabi, and he said it was possible, though “fish scent” wasn’t popular in the US. In East Asia however, they already have artificial fish flavors and odors.

      Pickle-flavored Pringles has to be close to vinegar flavored chips? A preference I don’t understand.

  3. Paul Thie said

    We used to have a Freis & Freis Flavor factory nearby. Some days the air would be grape.
    I had the Pickle Pringle in my mouth only long enough to discern it was all kinds of wrong.

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