smokin’ his pipe and scratchin’ his head

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  1. I did a double take when I saw Cappy’s mug here. I used to collect the strips when I was little, with the hope.I’d someday make all the craft projects. I didn’t, mainly because pipe cleaners, paste and construction paper weren’t available in my household. When I asked my mother if she would buy pipe cleaners for me, she growled, ‘Nobody here smokes a pipe.’

    According to lifestyle blogs, crafts have once again become a thing, thanks to the pandemic. Now, however, they want you to buy die cutting machines and pre-punched paper decorations. Pipe cleaners are still around, but are regarded as material for preschoolers. Eight-year-old me would despair.

    • Paul Thie said

      Cappy inspires me to make stuff. Process turned side-ways with fingerprints all over it. Ersatz Lascaux is a lifestyle blog
      searching for the word or words to replace the word lifestyle.

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