much moore in lobby 

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  1. Lately I’ve noticed that there’s less art in corporate lobbies, and more fountains and plants. I wonder if it’s because those items are cheaper than art pieces, or less likely to draw a client’s ire.

    A bank in Minneapolis used to feature local artists’ work in its lobby, until someone took offense at a ceramic sculpture of a grinning naked man. After that, all of the art was replaced by ficus trees.

    • Paul Thie said

      Once I was told my whole show had to come down because of a single breast.

      On another occasion I was not allowed to use the word “voyeur” on the radio while explaining an installation piece.

      • Was your show at a Baptist church? With all the nudes portrayed in museums, I can’t believe a gallery would go berserk over a single breast.

        I guess giving the radio producer a short lecture on cultural criticism and the idea of the gazer and the object of the gaze wouldn’t have helped….

  2. Paul Thie said

    The show was in a Border’s Books cafe.

    The interview took three takes because of “language”.

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