art junkie

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  1. Ballard said

    could be an office supplies junkie
    (although I must admit it isn’t looking like one)

  2. The art junkie is dead? (Referring to comic strip X eyes which usually indicate the character is deceased.) Many artists have suffered for their work, but unless they were eating their materials, they don’t usually die.

  3. Paul Thie said

    some artists I knew “pointed” their fine sables by licking. The result was a colorful tongue coated in heavy metals. Safety from the pigment was guaranteed by the medium. Or so they were told.

    • I remember seeing an article by some art historian claiming Vincent Van Gogh’s mental illness was the result of lead poisoning. caused by his habit of sucking on his brushes. Thinking about it makes me cringe. Even if the paint is no longer toxic, solvents for cleaning brushes still are.

      Or as my mother used to say, if you wouldn’t use it to eat with, it doesn’t belong in your mouth.

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