processed 3

processed 3

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  1. Paul Thie said

    nobody should watch art or sausage being made
    choose your grind (1) (2) or (3)

  2. Ballard said

    I am being controlled

    • Paul Thie said

      of course, but i need to know which of the 3 look best and if any are preferable to older posts or different from the last 2 days. please choose 1 or 2 or 3.

  3. M-----l said

    I’m pretty sure there were four processsesses this morning.

    • Paul Thie said

      which one of these three look best?
      i played with the settings after your comments

      • M-----l said

        I think any of them (or the mysterious deleted fourth) would look good if used consistently. What jumps out at me is when a drawing is suddenly darker or more processed than the previous forty. And that’s not even a bad thing…just something I tend to notice.

        When I scan something it’s always my intention to get the scan to look as much like the original as possible. So I guess if I had to pick a level of processing, I’d go with the one that looks most like the drawing it represents.

      • Paul Thie said

        “processed 1” was scanned with some settings on high and jumps out at me a bit but i honestly don’t know why the others stand out. i don’t care too much about fidelity but i do want consistency.

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