(90)expressed (89)in (88)metaphors (87)drawn (86)from (86)the (85)the (84)life (83)process

(90)expressed (89)in (88)metaphors (87)drawn (86)from (86)the… (85)the (84)life (83)process

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  1. M-----l said

    These remind me of Perec (who I recently re-read) in that I know there must be some underlying formula or structure going on here relating to words & numbers, but I can’t quite figure it out.

    I feel like if I concentrated really hard I might be able to predict (82).

  2. Ballard said


    don’t think I could ever predict
    ersatz lascaux’s next anything
    no matter how hard I concentrate

    all I get is some song over and over in my head

  3. Paul Thie said

    concentration eventually gives way to lack of concentration or what ersatz lascaux has trademarked as “the zone” (maybe you’ve heard of it?) it’s sort of an astral-plane where the creative elite go.

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