2 of 99 #1

2 of 99 #1

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  1. Ballard said

    99 new coors in old red stripe
    morandi bottles
    of beer on the wall
    new coors in old…
    everybody sing!
    …red stripe
    morandi bottles
    of beer…

    isn’t it? the act of making always seems to prettify.
    even photography softens the real mess of life.

    (the weather’s here, wish you were beautiful)

    is this the first of 2 of 99?

    and we all keep smiling…
    sometimes laughing out loud

  2. Paul Thie said

    no, it’s not the first. 2 of 99 #1 was stolen from
    which makes it #2 or #3
    and yes, it’s not the last

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