the shape of content

the shape of content

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  1. Ballard said

    I would be a fool to think I understand
    “If any single kind of value or evaluation has tended to survive the many tides and reversals of taste, belief and dogma, I imagine that value consists in some vague striving for truth.” B.S.
    I would be a fool to think I don’t understand

  2. Philip Roth wrote that in the early 60s. Hard to imagine what he thinks about writing now.

    • Ballard said

      The Shape of Content
      (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures 1956-1957)
      given at Harvard University by Ben Shahn

      (or so I thought)

      • I was referring to the quote in the drawing about “The American writer….” 🙂

        Ben Shahn was an acutely political artist, so I imagine he would be seeking “the truth” in his work. Postmodernism doesn’t believe there is impartial truth, therefore it doesn’t exist. Of course, Marxist philosophy doesn’t think there is an impartial way of looking for the truth either, so it’s all checkmate in cultural criticism.

  3. Paul Thie said

    truth is a four-letter word. Roth used the words “american reality” and passes (subjective?) judgement.
    Ben Shahn drew that “american reality” until his religious “truth” took over.

  4. Ballard said

    Hangaku Gozen
    thank you for the clarification

    Ersatz Lascaux
    keep on pushing

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